Wedding Investment

Photos like to the left & below are so enjoyable to capture, however My measure of a perfect photo shoot is only completed with a response like

this from a recent wedding:

Maria K.
Thank you for the lovely photos, Richard!! We didn't even go through all the proof, there are so many!!! Thank you again for playing such a huge important role at our wedding, it was great working with you!


The last part of this (underlined) is why I love doing weddings.


Some things to keep in mind when you are looking for a photographer:


1) Quality of work: Does the photographer provide images that you would want for your wedding ?


2) Professionalism: Does the photographer use quality equipment ? 

(hint here look at my "About Page". ) Listed second but just as important

as the level of photographer.  You can only take photos to that next level

with the proper equipment.


3) Comfort to work with: Does the photographer make you feel at ease while taking photos, are you going to enjoy the experience?

This 3rd question, is far more important than some might realize.  If you don't feel comfortable having your photo taken or a bit stressed (common for such a big day like a wedding), a good photographer will know how to take you to that "comfort" zone.  My goal is to provide an experiencewhere you forget almost the camera is even there, allowing you to naturally interact with the most important person of that day, and it's not the photographer.  


When you are enjoying yourself, no matter if laughing, smiling, looking a bit more serious and glamorous when a photo is taken, the aspect of how much "fun" you are having is also captured in fine detail.



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